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Mapping - Geographical Information System (GIS)

Computer mapping (GIS) is becoming an indispensable tool for all forest and land managers. Today’s GIS systems can be tailored to meet the needs of any land management enterprise allowing even small landowners to benefit from accurate mapping, better decision-making and a more reliable record-keeping system.

In its simplest form, GIS can be used to produce basic maps for field work and project decision-making based on aerial photography or the national Topomaps images. But more complex analysis can be preformed. Digital terrain models can be built to show contours, slope classes, aspect, drainage and slope stability and then overlaid with soil types, vegetation types, waterways, fence lines, roads, tracks, irrigation lines, and all manner of features. Coordinates, lengths, areas, and proximity of features can all be readily calculated.

Tomorrow’s Forests has substantial GIS resources and expertise. Our mapping and GIS services can be used for forest and vegetation surveys, ecological landscape assessments, forest and indigenous ecosystem management, farm mapping and rural planning. We use ESRI’s ArcView software and associated extensions but have the facility to import data in other formats. Mapping and GIS capabilities include:

  • GIS and aerial mapping for landscape and property management and research (2 and 3 dimensions).
  • Image analysis of satellite images or aerial photos, especially classification into vegetation types.
  • Survey design including random and/or systematic placement of vegetation survey transects and sampling sites.
  • Integration of GPS data collection and GIS representation.
  • GIS data entry, analysis, interpretation, and storage.
  • Digital Terrain Model design and analysis for contours, slope, aspect, and hydrology.
  • Soil saturation and slope stability mapping.
  • Spatial analysis of the distribution of or interaction between mapped attributes.
  • Visibility and viewsheds.
  • Land use planning and assessment.
  • Production and updating of maps to near-photographic quality.

Tomorrows Forests has substantial GIS expertise providing services for forest and vegetation surveys, ecological landscape assessments, forest management, farm mapping and rural planning.

GIS Data

Tomorrow’s Forests has available the following national data sets for use on projects:

  • LINZ Georeferenced Orthophotos (for locations where LINZ have these available)
  • NZMS260 Topomap images for all New Zealand
  • NZMS260 Topomap Vector data including 20 metre contours for all New Zealand.
  • The NZ Land Resource Inventory database including Soils data.
  • New Zealand Cadastral Data.
  • New Zealand Conservation Estate and Conservancy boundaries.
  • New Zealand Land Cover Database versions 1.2 and 2.0
  • Land Environments of New Zealand Database
  • New Zealand River Environment Classification Dataset
  • NZ Geology
  • Topomap 50 series
  • LUCAS (Land Use Change) 2016
  • NIWA Climate data (Rainfall, Temperature, Frost-free days)
  • Land Cover Database (LCDB) v4.0
  • Erosion Susceptibility Classification (part of the NES-Plantation Forests)   
  • NZ Suspended Sediment Yield

Tomorrow’s Forests also has available over eighty specialist ArcView and proprietary extensions which can be used to perform a wide range of simple and complex GIS data analysis tasks. Tomorrow’s Forests takes pride in being able to translate the capability of this complex tool into everyday language and to pass on map making skills to interested clients.