Carbon forest management is part of an international trend in response to the effects of climate change. As a result of the New Zealand government signing the Kyoto Protocol, the Crown has an interest in off-setting carbon emissions through the planting and management of new forest on Kyoto-compliant land.

Furthermore, under the government’s Permanent Forest Sinks Initiative, private landowners and investors can establish new forest for the purpose of gaining Kyoto-compliant carbon credits. Such forests are to be managed within specific guidelines and are based on a contract with the Crown registered on the land title.

Carbon is another string in the bow of integrated forest management, adding another value to forests and allowing previously uneconomic areas to become viable.

Tomorrow’s Forests is recognised as a leader in carbon management.

Once the Permanent Forest Sinks Initiative is operational, Tomorrow’s Forests will be one of the first companies offering specialised advice and services to become involved in the programme.